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Extra lång slipning ger många alternativ

den 21 april 2022

Do you need an endmill with a standard cutting length, but with reduced neck?

Then we can offer our universal endmill with catalog no. 50 8475 with extra long reach which gives you many new options.

The endmill is for high performance finishing and roughing, and has a 39/41/40/42 ° variable flute helix  for chatter free milling.

The endmill has optimized geometry for stainless and long-chip material up to 1000N/mm2 and is suitable for all other materials up to 1600N/mm2.

The endmill is coated with Orkan Super Plus, which ensures extra long lifetime.

We stock the endmills from Ø4-Ø20 and it is also possible to get the endmill in a version with HB shank (type 50 8475W).

Find  measurements and information about the endmill here

Find milling data for the endmill here

Sounds like something you might want to try?

Then contact us today on tel. 70 22 42 00 or at



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