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Marel Fish - MCheck 2 Checkweigher

den 7 maj 2022

MCheck 2 Checkweigher

  • Weighs and checks a wide variety of packs
  • Approved for process and end-of-line applications
  • Accurate continuous dynamic weighing in a flow
  • Innova compatible for real time monitoring

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The MCheck 2 Checkweigher combines high levels of accuracy with flexibility and capacity, making it the ideal choice for any food processing company—both in wet and dry production environments and end-of-line applications.

Whether you need a process weigher for monitoring and optimizing the accuracy of the process equipment in your factory, or a checkweigher to ensure compliance with weight legislation, MCheck 2 will meet your requirements.

MCheck 2 can weigh before and after a process for yield calculation and check the number of items in a package based on weight. The machine can also feed information forward to a dosing system to ensure accurate package weights.

  • Detects metal and removes contaminated packs
  • Withstand an intense high-pressure wash-down to IP69 standards
  • Available in different modular configurations
  • An optional trend light indicator
  • Optional single and multi-frequency metal detection
  • A choice of single pusher, flipper, twin reverse flipper or drop flap reject

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